• Are you a professional therapist, counselor or coach who works with stepfamilies or would like to?

With a divorce rate of 60-70%, stepfamilies are in desperate need of help, but many therapists and coaches are not properly educated to effectively serve these families.

This is where YOU can make a difference.                               

Attend the online, go-at-your-own-pace Stepfamily-Help.com coach certification program and join the elite group of coaches who are trained specifically in Stepfamily Dynamics. Click here for a current list of Stepfamily-Help.com certified coaches.

Topics covered in the program:

  1. Stepfamily statistics
  2. Stepfamily vs. first family differences
  3. Common Stepfamily myths vs reality
  4. How to help couples improve their relationship
  5. Keeping the ex out of the marriage
  6. Understanding the difference between masculine and feminine traits, how those relate to relationship conflict and how to resolve that conflict
  7. Communication techniques for couples
  8. Values
  9. Parenting and differing parenting styles
  10. Parallel parenting vs coparenting
  11. Creating house rules
  12. Parental Alienation Syndrome
  13. Divorced mom/stepmom dynamic
  14. High-conflict exes
  15. Boundaries
  16. Stepparent role clarification
  17. Step relationship with kids
  18. Common stepfamily challenges and solutions
  19. Stepmom specifics: including common challenges, self-care, detaching with love, boundaries and more
  20. Professionalism, ethics, business-building tips

“I just finished the Stepfamily Coach Certification program with Jenna, and what a fabulous experience!” – Erin Careless, Certified Stepfamily-Help.com

What’s included?

This is an online coach training program which you can work through at your own speed.

  1. Lifetime access to the online coach training program. The program consists of 9 units, each unit consisting of training in stepfamily dynamics, audio sessions of me teaching past coaching students, and client education.
  2. You’ll also be expected to give written feedback and coaching on sample scenarios provided by real stepmoms.
  3. One one-on-one session with me at the end of your training where I’ll answer all your questions regarding training content.
  4. For new or inexperienced coaches/counselors: Two (or more if necessary) practice coaching sessions with real clients, for which you will get paid. This will help you practice your coaching skills while receiving my feedback and guidance.
  5. Lifetime access to a closed Facebook group for students and alumni, where you can feel supported, problem solve client issues and continue to improve your coaching skills as I post tips and training updates.
  6. An e-certificate of completion designating you as a Certified Stepfamily-Help.com coach and e-badge for your website, stating you are a Certified Stepfamily-Help.com coach.
  7. Advertising on my StepmomHelp.com Facebook page (over 12K followers!) and this Stepfamily-Help.com website, as being a Stepfamily-Help.com certified coach, along with your contact info and location so potential clients can easily find you.
  8. After certification, you’ll continue to have direct access to me for business and client consultation.

Jenna is highly knowledgeable about stepfamilies and how stepmoms can set themselves up for relationship success. The program greatly increased my knowledge of how a stepfamily works, as well as common problems and solutions.” – Melissa Josue, Certified Stepfamily-Help.com Coach, Certified CTA Life Coach

How Does it Work?

  • There are 9 units to complete. These units contain:
    • Slides of the training content
    • Client education
    • Audio sessions of me teaching that particular unit to past certification students
    • Sample scenarios from real stepmoms where you’ll be expected to assess the situation and write a narrative of how you would proceed to coach this client
    • Audio samples of Jenna coaching clients so you can see what a coaching session looks like
    • Coaching tools to use with your clients
  • Once you’ve completed all units, we meet for a one-on-one session where I answer all your questions and provide you with feedback from your sample scenarios.
  • At this point you’ll receive the designation of Certified Stepfamily-Help.com Coach and we’ll proceed to schedule you for two practice coach sessions with real clients.

After you complete your Paypal checkout, you’ll be directed to a Thank You page. That page will include detailed instructions on how to register and access your coach training program. You will receive access to the training within 24 hours of registration (usually access will be granted immediately).

Taking Jenna’s certification program was exactly what I was hoping it would be. I really enjoyed working with her!” – Amber Lee Elder


  1. Must be a professional currently working in a helping field, or have proof of training/education and plan on working in the helping field soon.

Your investment in becoming a Certified Stepfamily-Help.com coach is $999.

If you’d like to become a certified stepfamily coach, please contact me to discuss your qualifications, begin enrollment and discuss any additional questions you may have.

*Jenna Korf is responsible for providing credible information in this training course. She is not responsible or liable for any information given or actions taken by the coaches certified through this training course at stepfamily-help.com.

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